AI & Society

Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence. All are terms which we can’t get away from. I read it everywhere. Also mostly because I spend most of my day behind my laptop. Our society is rapidly shifting into this digital era. It almost seems like we have to catch up with al the rapid change that is happening. Instead of machines are catching up with us. But isn’t this something we’ve experienced before? Is this digital era really that different than

ancient civilizations? Aren’t there similarities to make?

I think that humans have always tried to create life out of nothing. Look at the pygmalion myth. A storythat tells about a sculpture that sculpted a statue and she came to life. Or another example we’re all farmiliar with Pinoccio or Frankenstein. These are stories, but they give us a insight on what people have thought about.

They all have something godlike. Nowadays we build robots that can think. That have intelligence and even emotional intelligence.  So what is really different in this digital age. Only a different shape?

I love to think about these kind of things. Philosophical thoughts, questions that make me think about the world around us. I had to create an illustration about this theme. Hope you like it.

technological effects on society
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