"Blockchain Basics"
An educational book cover design
for Saxion University Enschede

Blockhain was born in 2013 as an rebirth from the global economic crisis. I find this association kind of like the birth of the phoenix whom rose from ash. Anyways, in 2017 you couldn’t go around your block and not hear bitcoin or blockchain. Almost everyone was involved in it. The hype was enormous. Too much that the whole crypto currency space was going hyperbolic and 2018 was the year that it corrected. Or how some analytics would say “crashed” Nowadays 2019 the trend has died somewhat off. Is it just silence before the storm?

A good friend of mine, Chhay Lin Lim works as a teacher at the Saxion University in

Enschede in the Netherlands. I got introduced by him into the crypto currency space and he  is a believer of the blockchain technology. So he and his colleague, Arthur Janse decided to share the basics of the blockchain technology to the world and ask me to design the cover for their book.

They had big ideas on what the cover should represent. They didn’t want the standard cliché semantics of technology and wanted to have a more story like feel to the artwork. The keywords that I could get started with were: diversity, decentralisation, unity, innovative. I’ll explain the idea for the cover further on.

The ocean represents the internet and  the

sunrise sky respresents a new world or a new day. Refering to blockchain as a new innovation. The different kind of boats refers to diversity. You also see two boats light up which represents a node. A node is a part of the blockhain which is decentralised. I don’t want to get technical in this post, so if you’d like the more technical details on blockchain, just follow this link. The wrinkles in the water is a metaphor for communication.

ocean as internet, wrinkles communication
Blockchain cryptocurrency basic educational book cover
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