What is the meaning of innovation?

Why do we innovate? From the wheel to Gutenberg’s printing press, from steam machines to the internet. I love innovation man! It excites me. Every time I see a plane in the sky I feel so much admiration for the human capacity in turning  dreams into reality. It is mindblowing what humans are capable of inventing! A freakin’ box filled with people

 that takes us  to the other side of the world. In less than a day! And not to mention that guy Elon Musk is even building rockets that’ll take us to Mars! God Damn MARS! How does someone even come up with that, MAN! Mindblowing. Really mindblowing. It is so far from our reality, I can’t even grasp that. Anyways, back to earth and back to my illustration.

There is an global community called CiC which stands for Cambridge Innovation Center. They act like a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs. This sentence “act like a breeding ground” became the idea to create the illustration that you see below. Thanks to Max Maas who gave me the opportunity to create a poster for the CiC location in Rotterdam.

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